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Our Story

Jeshka got started as a birthday entertainer back in 2007 when she was a teenager. She has performed at over 1,000 celebrations, and loves every minute of her job in the events industry. 

Jeshka's journey as a self-employed freelance artist has gone through quite a few transformations. Jeshka created a talent agency called Jadeye Beauty, and then redesigned the company to Magick Fern. For Jeshka there is a spiritual intention in her work when she helps others celebrate their lives and creativity. Makeup, costumes, and collaborative artistic practices can be healing and rejuvenating for both the artist and the client. It is a kind of magic that is as old as time. Did you know that ferns are one of the oldest groups of nonflowering vascular plants, that can be dated back over 360 million years?! They are one of the only plants that propagate by spores. They fly out into the world and hope that another fern's spores will meet their's and create a new plant in the soil. They are Jeshka's favorite plant, and their beautiful ancient resilience holds a lot power.

When the Covid-19 Pandemic reached the San Francisco Bay Area, things rapidly changed, of course. Jeshka could no longer provide her services at events, and so she pivoted her skills to online entertainment. It's been amazing to expand and connect with folks all over the country, and even internationally. 


Jeshka works with a large network of professionals. If Jeshka or any of her teammates are not available for a gig, then we are happy to refer you to someone who can help fill your needs.

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Jeshka also enjoys modeling, which is how she was introduced to body painting. After getting body painted a great number of times, she regularly assisted a professional bodypainter and did a 2-year apprenticeship. Since Jeshka was already familiar with face painting and body paint modeling, becoming a body paint artist herself was a fast and natural progression. 


Before this body art journey Jeshka was focused on acting, and earned her Associate of Arts Degree in Performing Arts and Drama spring of 2011. She worked full-time as the Production Assistant at the California Theatre Center.

Jeshka also still enjoys modeling whenever she can, whether it is in the studio, on the runway, or doing promotions. Especially when it's bodypaint-related!


Jeshka is located in San Francisco, CA. She regularly practices makeup, painting, balloon twisting, airbrushing, and henna tattooing.

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When we provide our services, the ultimate goal is not only to execute professional and top quality artistry, but also to empower, inspire, and uplift people. When you get dressed up there is a special presence that comes out. We want to help make those memorable moments. 

We are committed to being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible with all of the supplies and products that we use. 


Jeshka is a Founding Member and Director for The Human Art Collective.

Jeshka is a Member of the International Face Painters Association


"My vision is to live a full, meaningful, and thriving life. I stay inspired and empowered by connecting with others, actively learning, and following my passions."

Collectable Fine Art by Craig Tracy
Titled: "Redemption"
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