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RAW San Francisco Visual Artist of the Year 2014

1st Place in the WCFP online competitions July 2012 and Springtime 2013


Jeshka's Personal Motto: My vision is to live a full, meaningful, and thriving life. I stay inspired and empowered by connecting with others, actively learning, and following my passions.

These are some of the clients that we have had the pleasure to work with. 

I love love love the colors and how they photographed! I had a blast doing this and recall that event every-single-day!

Lisa Houser, Therapist

Sunnyvale, CA

Jeshka was an absolute professional. We held a costumed going away party and I was referred to Jeshka by a close friend. She came by for 3 hours, and did a phenomenal and tireless job in creating a host of beautiful designs on our party attendees. Many send us emails and messages afterwards saying that they really loved her services, and warm presence. 

Would love to have her again, and also recommend her strongly to anyone considering her services!

Max, Engineer

Palo Alto, CA

Jeshka is awesome to work with. I had been wanting to do a body painting photo shoot for some time but could not decide on the direction I wanted to go in. Jeshka helped narrow some of the ideas I had and did an outstanding job working with the model. I very much appreciated her hard work and dedication to completing the project and then helping out with the photo shoot. I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Matt, Photographer

Oswego, IL

I've worked with Jeshka for about 2 years now and I must say her art skills are outstanding. Not only as a body painter also as people person. She goes out of her way to make her models feel the most comfortable. The times I've worked with her she helps in more than one way by fixing the hair, the make up, even with lighting equipment.
I highly recommend her for her artistry skills and her friendly approach. She makes work to feel like you are not even working.

Angel, Photographer

Mountain View, CA

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Jeshka is a true professional. She worked quickly but was careful to capture our exact vision. I recommend anyone interested in a body painter to contact her before anyone else!

Jacob Savage, CEO of Concrn

Santa Rosa, CA

I've known Jeshka for nearly a decade and I am proud to say that I have had the privilege to work with her. Unfortunately for her I am not very creative and gave her a blank slate to start on. I didn't know what I wanted or how to have it done, just that I wanted a full or half body paint job. Despite me not knowing what I wanted Jeshka was up to the task and suggested multiple ideas to see what I liked best. The idea for steam-punk came up and we started to have a better picture of what was going to be done. When we were all done I was left speechless and couldn't stop smiling. I highly recommend everyone to hire Jeshka for whatever job you need done. She can literally do anything.

Andrey, Dance Instructor

Campbell, CA

I love this henna stuff so much. It looks so cool when it's wet and leaves a lovely impression after it dries. The same can probably be said about assembly grease, but the patterns it makes don't belong on flesh.


Lucas Freelong, Mechanic

Eureka, OR

“It was wonderful being your canvas again:-) you are absolutely lovely, talented, I automatically feel at ease in your presence.”

Kim Masdeo, Model

San Francisco, CA

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