We have artists that specialize in Henna temporary Tattoos. We get our Henna paste from local Henna suppliers that order henna fresh from India. 


Services include henna parties, birthdays, maternity, "Blessing Way" ceremony, henna crowns, corporate events, yoga retreats, workshops and private appointments. We use only 100% natural henna paste.


Henna Rate: $125 per hour.

If your bay area event is outside San Fransisco city limits there is a $25 flat travel fee. 

Everything you need to know about henna:


What is henna and where is henna from?


Henna is a plant, Lawsonia Inermis, thought to be indigenous to Egypt and in use for at least 5000 years. Useful both as a folk medicine and as a decorative cosmetic, the henna plant was eventually spread around the Middle East, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf, finally reaching the Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia. The leaves of the plant contain a dye molecule, lawsone, which is responsible for coloring the skin. At Henna Lounge, we use an organically farmed henna from the Sojat region of Rajasthan. This henna has superior staining ability and a fine sift, which is essential for doing detailed work. 


Is henna safe?


Henna is safe for use on the skin and hair. Although it has been taken internally as a folk remedy for various stomach ailments, we do not recommend eating it! It tastes disgusting, and for those with the condition known as G6PD, it would be toxic (as would Fava Beans). Henna is also effective in treating athlete's foot and dandruff, due to its anti-fungal properties. Some people report henna to be soothing for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, though it should never be applied to broken skin. Henna has also been used to reduce some of the painful side effects of Xeloda (a cancer drug). 


How do I prepare for my appointment? 


Please arrive to your appointment with clean skin, no lotions or oils. Clothing should be loose or not obstruct the area to be hennaed. Waxing and manicures should be done in advance. Self-tanning is not recommended. 


How is henna applied?

  • •Henna is applied to clean, dry skin. This can take anywhere from a few minutes for a simple design to 4 or 5+ hours for a heavy bridal mehndi.

  • •Once dry, it will be sealed with a sugar solution, or taped with medical tape (for body pieces). Henna paste is left on for a minimum of 4-6 hours, though overnight is traditional and guarantees the best color.

  • •After 4-12 hours, the paste is gently removed by picking it  off or removing the medical tape. DO NOT WASH IT OFF!

  • •You should avoid water for 12-24 hours after removing the paste for best color results. You should also avoid detergents, exfoliants, manual labor, and swimming in chlorinated water, as these things will fade the henna faster.

  • •Applying a natural vegetable or beeswax based oil/balm before bathing can help prolong the life of your henna design. You can do this several times a day.

  • •For best results, henna should be applied 2-3 days prior to your important event (such as wedding or photoshoot) so that the stain is at its peak on your special occasion.

Pro Tip - If you use sunscreen, use a physical barrier type of sunscreen (zinc or titanium dioxide) as chemical sunscreens accelerate henna fading. 


"I love this henna stuff so much. It looks so cool when it's wet and leaves a lovely impression after it dries."

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