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October is Almost Here!

Will you be around San Francisco this Halloween?

Are you thinking about how you will enjoy the spooky month, and the beginning of Autumn? We can help you find a professtional make-up artist. Call to schedule a free consultation meeting. Appointments are filling up already, so contact us to discuss your ideas early.

From beautiful to creepy, we can help complete your look so that you can have the best costume yet! Make this year one to remember with the help of one of our stylists.

Something that's new this month: I was going through all 40,000+ photos that I have stored on my computer....don't ask me how long it took me to get them organized.

And I found samples from when I first started to seriously practice bodyart, and it's frankly embarrassing. I don't think that I can even publish my beginner facepaintings. This is an example of me practicing a henna tattoo

on myself then and now. I'm not calling myself a master, but I'm getting there. Special thanks go out to my friends who have let me practice on them, especially henna!


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