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Oscar Gold Boys

10 Body painted male models at the 2015 Academy of Friends Academy Awards Night Gala.

Academy Awards Gala

Joseph Driste, Photographer

"Many thanks again to you and your ace team from the Human Art Collective for the terrific work you did on the Gold Boys for the AOF Gala. You were especially FABULOUS — responsive, organized, detail-oriented, professional, and a pleasure to work with!" ~ Neil and Tina

"Such a cool experience. Valerie Daft had this well organized and her timing was spot on. Thanks again Valerie and crew" ~Peter Tousignant

"Thanks Valerie!!! It was so well put together and so stress free!!! And thanks to the rest of the team for being so epic." ~Janet Azehko

These Human Art Collective teammates were able to bodypaint 10 volunteer male models in less than 2 hours!

Valerie Daft - Project Lead

Noelia Luna Jeremy Corrales Kristen Scott Alana Dill Peter Tousignant Beth Mackay Janet Azehko Elizabeth Nguyen Bree Hiltachk Evelyn Hermandez

"We are very fortunate to have such a crew of skilled people to draw on. The team that day were amazing. They really know how to keep the energy flowing and make the job a positive experience for everyone, especially the models. They made my job easy. " ~ Valerie Daft

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